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Coming to School

Student should be reminded to follow basic safety rules when approaching crosswalks--looking both ways before crossing; refusing rides from strangers (running away from any stranger who tries to talk to them): reporting to their parents and the office any stranger who offers them a ride on the way home or to school.



Dropping off/Picking Up Students

Adults Need to drive as far forward in the parking lot when dropping off and picking up. The lane closest to the school and sidewalk are for pick up and drop off.  The inside lane is for pull out and drive through.  Please do not park, drop off or pick up students in the parking area. There is a posted sign at the entrance to the staff parking area, which specifically states that student are not to be dropped off in that area. Please be safe and mindful of your surroundings when driving your vehicle through the parking lot.

Bikes, scooters, and skateboards


Students are welcome to ride their bikes and skateboards to school but not on school grounds. A bike rack is provided by the office. Bikes should be locked at the rack during the entire school day and are the responsibility of the student. Students are biking or skating to school are to wear helmets and obey all traffic laws. Anyone caught riding or skating on campus is in violation of District and City laws and may be cited.  Please walk all scooters and skateboards on campus.  This also includes weekends when staff may be on campus and will call the police.  Signs are posted at both entrances to the school which prohibit these activities.